A wedding at Ankawini Safari Ranch mixed with lots of laughter! As a result, those two elements made this wedding day of Katelynne and Zandré so special! With so much laughter you just know these two people will have a very fun wedding!

Zandré describes himself as active and loving, while Katelynne on the other hand see herself as adventurous, observant and logical… The mixture of these personality traits were observed on the day, although it was a very relaxed day with the couple making the most out of every moment. You could see the joy and fun in them literally the whole day!

The weather at Ankawini Safari Ranch heated up quickly, but it did not put a damper on the wedding festivities. Guests had time to relaxed with something cold, and in the cool of the evening we had some dancing, heartfelt speeches and maybe a few Jägermeister’s…!

The post-ceremony couple session was done at Ankawini Castle and a nearby riverbed. The venue lends itself to amazing photos. The reception décor reflected the beautiful and colourful personality of Katelynne and Zandré. It also perfectly complimented the “castle” bringing life to every part of the wedding. During their grand entrance to their reception, these two made it known that they can dance! Oh wow! I didn’t know where to stop or start taking pictures because it was so stunning! Well done you two!

One moment I will never forget was with the “I do’s”. When the pastor made it all official, Katelynne could not contain her excitement anymore and leaped into Zandré’s arms. Such a heartfelt gesture! These two will have an amazing and blessed marriage and it was great to be able to capture this special day.

I have added a few highlights from their wedding. I know you will love these photos!

Photographer: Johan Coetzee Wedding Photographer

Video: Photographix

The Bride:

The Groom:

Zandré and the guys all got ready in the upstairs lounge area. Some quality whiskey and a few cigars rounded off their preparation time!

The Ceremony:

The indoor wedding ceremony gave much needed shelter from the scorching October sun. The decor and flowers made for a very colourful ceremony.

Intimate Couple Session:

Ankawini Safari Ranch has a variety of great locations for photos. It is an ideal location for your wedding. We had to choose locations wisely as there were so many options!


Well done to the whole team that made for this stunning reception!

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